Kind Words


kind words from a few of our couples


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"Morgan and her team at Moana Events are by far the best of the best!!! After working in the wedding industry I had high standards for a coordinator. From the day we hired Moana Events they went ABOVE AND BEYOND our every wish and need. They are so fast to respond and efficient. I didn't have to do anything but say yes or no to their ideas, which was a dream!

Morgan and the girls have a brilliant eye for design and you don't have to stress about details because they will take care of everything. We had so many sweet surprises from them on our wedding day like a monogrammed dance floor and dancing slippers! I highly, highly recommend them. You will absolutely not find anyone better in the state. Guaranteed you have seen their weddings all over Pinterest and Instagram without even knowing it. If you want a stress-free, STUNNING wedding you've come to the right place!"

|     Keli & Michael - O'ahu


"Simply the best!!!!  I live in Arizona and dreamed the perfect wedding in Kauai.  Moana Events made this a reality. Planning a destination wedding can be stressful but that was not the case for me, thanks to Moana Events.  Morgan & her team went above and beyond to make our special day perfection!  After the first phone call my husband and I had with Morgan we knew she was very knowledgeable and perfect for the job.  However, these ladies exceeded our expectations!  Look no further Moana Events is the best!  I would not change a thing about our wedding day and we wish we could relive it all over again.  Thank you ladies!"

|     Jamie & George - Kaua'i

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“Morgan and Moana Events are amazing and honestly the primary reason our 4-day Indian wedding in Kauai was as magical as it was. They are the most professional & talented team and we are so happy that they were part of our weekend!  We planned three events with the team and honestly, each event was more beautiful than the next. They read up on all the cultural needs of our events – often times asking us questions we didn’t even know were part of a traditional Indian wedding. From the décor, to the logistics, to the food (which was vegetarian at all three events- even accommodating Jain diets), these two knew great vendors in Kauai who all were focused on making sure we had gorgeous events & happy guests, which we did!

Most importantly, all the vendors &  Moana Events worked beautifully together to create a seamless experience so there was never a moment where we were hesitant something may go wrong. These ladies are wonderful people and you are truly lucky to have them at your wedding- they’ll not only create a gorgeous experience for you but they will honestly become your friends in the process.” 

Aastha & Rishi - Kaua’i



"If you are feeling overwhelmed, just like we did when we first started planning, this awesome crew will come to your rescue! They will do whatever it takes to make your day special. The execution of your idea into reality is one thing, but seeing it unfold for the first time is so much more than you can ever imagine."

|     Katherine & Tim - Hawai'i Island

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"If you are planning an event of any type, and you need a planner, you need to work with Moana Events!  Choosing them was the BEST decision I made for my wedding.  The whole team was wonderful, organized, detail oriented, efficient,  had great taste (aesthetically and for food and wine!), and most importantly very considerate of all of the ideas coming from me, my husband-to-be and my family.  The process was smooth and SO FUN, which I never thought would be possible.  They also know all of the best vendors in Hawaii personally, and can make sure you book everything in time to secure the best of the best.  As most brides do, I got nervous at a few points in the planning process about various details, but they always had great suggestions and calmed me down right away.  Most importantly, the wedding itself was a blast - the Moana team made sure my mom and I were having fun, relaxed and truly made it the best day of my life!!  My guests were blown away by the wonderful food, decor, music and all the other details Morgan and her team brought to life for us.

I cannot thank Moana Events enough for making our wedding so wonderful.  Definitely work with them, you will have a wonderful time at your event!"

|     Angela & Alex - O'ahu


"Moana Events made my Kauai dream wedding happen without a hitch! They helped craft my vision into a reality  They worked closely with me on every detail, from flowers and table settings to lighting and music. Every single detail was well thought out, and their experience with all of the vendors proved to be priceless. Most of our friends and family said that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to - and they meant it sincerely! Thank you so much Moana Events, you guys are so much fun to work with, and you gave me and my husband the best memory of our lives!"

|     Danielle & Sasha - Kaua'i

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“Ladies!!! Thank you so much for making our wedding such a spectacular affair! We were blown away by everything…the incredible design, amazing vendors and overall impeccable taste. You are absolute pros! Let’s do it again!! “

Cassidy & David - O'ahu

" Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and I’m so glad I had the ladies of  Moana Events to organize my entire destination wedding from the welcome baskets to the rehearsal dinner to the big day itself. I couldn’t have done any of it without them.

They were so resourceful with the vendors on all the islands. They sourced all of my glassware and stemware and dishes from Maui and found exactly what I was dreaming of. They made my ceremony and reception absolutely stunning. Being a wedding florist myself, my expectations were extremely high, but they exceeded every expectation I had and made my dreams come true. They kept me calm and organised all year long. They have impeccable style and truly are the sweetest ladies I have ever met.

They made the day of perfect and it went so smoothly. All our guests loved them. They even surprised us with custom chair designs and we were amazed when we walked into our reception. I can’t say enough nice things about them. Highly recommend them. They’re the best. Made planning a wedding so easy and fun. Wish we could do it all over again." 

Jackie & Harry - Kaua'i
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"Morgan and her team were amazing! They totally understood our aesthetic and made everything a breeze even though we were living in Tokyo while trying to plan the wedding in Hawaii. We wanted our wedding to feel like a warm "local" wedding, which meant tons of our family and friend.  Morgan managed to find the perfect venue that not only accommodated all of our guests, but also had the look that we were going for. 

They were also really great about taking care of the details. We dropped off all of our stuff with Morgan the night before the wedding which allowed us to completely focus on our time with family and friends rather than worry about last minute details.  The day of went off without a hitch and we didn't need to stress or worry about anything; which was amazing because we felt like we were able to fully enjoy our special day.  It was hands down the best day EVER. Thank you Morgan!!"

|     Laura & Dean - O'ahu

"From the first moment I met her, Morgan settled my nerves and made me feel like she was entirely present with me. She was warm, friendly and incredibly organized. I know my family is a little bit crazy but she did a great job settling their nerves as well.  It blew my mind how perfectly they had read my mind. Everything was decorated beautifully and I could've cried tears of joy with how wonderfully it all worked out. During the reception, Morgan and her team were constantly buzzing around, making sure everything was going according to plan, and I never had to think about anything except having a wonderful time! 

I get a bit emotional looking back as we are so grateful for the wonderful job Morgan and her team did the day of our wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

|     Salina & Greg - Kaua'i

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“The most talented, creative, fun and professional team you can find to help plan your special day. Spectacular and magic are the words that come to mind to describe what they do. Thank you for making our wedding day the best day ever, we loved it!"

Tamara & Karim - Lanikuhonua, Kapolei—O’ahu




“I can easily tell you that there’s not one thing I’d change about my wedding. How many brides can say that? – OH MOANA! How does one put into words what these ladies go through for their brides??? If you’re a bride, chances are you follow all those dreamy wedding accounts on Instagram? These gals are the masterminds behind those!

Living on the East coast and finding a good wedding planner in Kauai without recommendations is a tough feat! Trust me, you want (need!) a planner for a destination wedding! I didn’t want to work with an impersonal international company, and didn’t want a “Hawaiian wedding package”. Weddings are personal, so I wanted my planner to be personal and involved. I came across Moana on Pinterest when I realized I was pinning all of their photos to my board! Ta Da- MORGAN! – I told Morgan just yesterday that I can barely look at her social media photos, because I’m jealous of all the brides still working with. I miss them so much! Although its 9 yrs, 10 months away, I’m looking forward to our 10 year anniversary party in Kauai (have you guys seen what she plans for anniversaries?:)!!!”

Lauren & Scott –  Kaua'i


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“Morgan and Moana Events are as good as it gets.

They produced a spectacular 3-day Big Kauai Wedding for 125 people that blew away our friends and family, and outstripped our wildest expectations. We were in fact almost embarrassed how perfect, seamless and glamorous it all was... and it's all to the credit of Morgan and her team.

I myself occasionally produce events in my work as a tech marketing VP, so I know how incredibly difficult big productions are to pull off. So much detail, so many stakeholders, budget push and pull from every direction, permits, vendors, bridezillas and groomzillas....

Moana Events handles everything, is on top of everything, and does everything with patience, love and always a smile. They were always in our corner, negotiating the best deals for us and "making it happen" even when other folks told us it was impossible. I recommend Moana Events unconditionally."

Kurt & Pedro - Kaua'i


“THE DREAM TEAM. Impeccable taste. Consummate professionals. Boss ladies.

On the day of our wedding, Morgan buzzed around everywhere unseen (they must be wizards) while popping up intermittently to make sure we were in the right place for the ceremony, to make sure that the mikes were passed for toasts, to make sure we ate and stayed hydrated on our wedding day, and to remind us to cut the cake. If there were any problems, we didn’t know anything about it. Everything flowed naturally like magic and my husband and I just relaxed and soaked it all in. Afterwards, many of our guests complimented us on having the best wedding they’ve ever been to while we embarrassingly got to take credit for it.

Morgan, you have our eternal gratitude. Moana Events is hands down the best event planning company in Hawaii and their talent, work ethic, and results are incomparable.” 

Serine & Troy - O’ahu
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“You are incredible! I do not even know the words to thank you for all that you & your team has done for us. You have personally dedicated so much to our wedding and I am so honored & humbled by your talents.

To the Team- Mahalo! We know you have spent endless hours making our memory magical. We are forever grateful!

|     Natalie & Jeff - O’ahu


“To our dear friend Morgan. How do we even begin to thank you? Our wedding day and the months before were an absolute dream… You were so wonderful to work with and we are excited to have incredible new friends. We are forever grateful!  All our love."

Kristi & Blair – O’ahu
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“If you are getting married in Hawaii, you will not find more professional, creative, high quality wedding “producers.” These women are truly extraordinary – working with you to understand your expectations, and then surpassing them at every turn.

We live in New York and we knew we wanted to get married on the North Shore of Oahu. We had worked with another planner for several months and for whatever reason, (about 2 months prior to the wedding date) the planner was unable to fulfill his obligations. We knew we needed super high quality, reliable, experienced professionals to take over. Luckily, we found Moana Events.

Most importantly, they literally created the perfect event (cheesy, but true) and worked hard to ensure that the couple enjoys it. The ceremony site was honestly magical. When we arrived to walk down the aisle, we were literally speechless – we could not have imagined it to look so stunning.  I can’t say enough about Moana Events. With a life event as important as our wedding, all I can say is that I am grateful we placed our trust into their very capable hands.”

Steven & Shawn - O’ahu
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"From the moment that I booked Moana Events to the post-wedding follow up and everything in between, Morgan and her team were responsive, prompt, professional, thoughtful, informative and extremely knowledgeable. They listened to me, understood what was important to me, my husband and our families, and put me at ease knowing that everything I needed and wanted to have happen would be taken care of. I so appreciated all of their attention to detail, creativity, enthusiasm and positive, can-do attitudes throughout the entire process. They solved problems quickly (most of which I never even knew about until after the fact!) and efficiently, and went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding day ran smoothly and was nothing short of perfect.

Our wedding day went off without a hitch, our guests all enjoyed themselves immensely, and most importantly we were able to enjoy our wedding without an ounce of stress or worry. Having Moana Events be a part of our wedding was one of the smartest and easiest decisions we made during the wedding planning process - I don't know what we would have done without Morgan!"

|     Erin & Jed - Kaua'i

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"Morgan and Moana Events is amazing.  I would recommend Morgan without hesitation. I am seriously sad that we are done planning the wedding because we had a great time planning it and my wedding was GORGEOUS.  Morgan came up with creative ideas to accomplish my decor within my budget.  She also worked with my vendors and took care of a lot of details that I am thrilled I never had to deal with.  I had my dream wedding, thanks to Moana Events.  And, I should add . . . I am not a super easy going client.  I knew exactly what I wanted and wasn't exactly willing to compromise my vision and Morgan brought my vision to life (within my budget)."

|     Starr & Eli - Kaua'i


"Moana Events planned our Big Island wedding this fall. Wow! After working with Morgan and her amazing team for about a year, I can truly say how professional, creative, and hardworking they are. They went above and beyond to make sure my husband, family and friends had an amazing time.

Many guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to and gushed about how elegant, chic and how it exuded the perfect island vibe. All of the vendors Morgan recommended were fantastic. True artists and professionals. We were blown away!! The day was seamless and every detail was taken care of. Best of all she was incredibly flexible and open to my mother and my many many ideas. Thank you to all who made our wedding so so special. Hiring Moana Events is a must do!!

Abigail & Andrew - Hawai'i Island
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“Working with Morgan at Moana Events was, by far, the BEST decision we made for our wedding! I don’t even know where to begin in expressing my gratitude to them. They were organized, professional, detailed, efficient, knowledgeable, and incredibly accommodating.

Leading up to the wedding, they provided excellent vendor suggestions and handled all communication with them. We could have easily researched and chosen our own list of vendors, but it was the relationships, knowledge and experience that Moana Events has with so many vendors throughout the island, that made our event seamless. They attended vendor meetings with us, provided timelines and contact sheets to our wedding party and vendors, and they coordinated our rehearsal with LOTS of patience :). There were no ideas too big for them to handle.

Day-of, they treated us like royalty, bringing us our meals while guests perused the food stations, always keeping our glasses full, bringing me lipgloss during SO many photos (even though it sounds silly- girls you’ll appreciate this!), and they even delivered a to-go box of food to our hotel room. It’s an endless list of amazing acts. They anticipated every last detail before anything became an issue, and if there were any glitches (which I’m still not even aware of today) they skillfully made things flawless to us and our guests. They were there for us EVERY step of the way, and we could not have asked for a better experience!" 

Nicole & Quentin - O'ahu