We believe in CELEBRATING life’s occasions. Bringing people together in beautiful environments and creating opportunities for JOY.

We believe in SERVING our clients well. We believe in getting to know our clients and what is important to them, being their advocates throughout the planning process and respecting their investment.

We believe that BEAUTIFUL environments and MEANINGFUL details make a difference. Custom design is a gift and there is no better job we can do than to get to know our clients so well that we can make their dream day a reality.

We believe in TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY and RESPECT in dealing with our clients and vendors.

We believe in GIVING BACK. We partner with Aloha Harvest to donate any and all  leftover food from our events to the needy in our community. We also partner with our florists to donate flowers after our events to hospitals and nursing homes.  We provide coaching through Dress for Success  to assist disadvantaged  women in finding jobs and we also host clothing drives to donate clothing to them.